Research & Development

Research & Development


Research and Development Cell is an integral part of an Academic Institution. R&D cell is primarily responsible for facilitating and channelizing Academic, Sponsored, and Collaborative Research Projects and Consultancy Activitiesof the Institution. R&D Cell of Mohamed Sathak Engineering College aspires to transform the lives of young budding engineers by igniting innovative ideas and mentoring them to contribute for research at academic level which helps them to presenting their work in Conferences and/or publishing papers in reputed journals. Students’ Innovative Projects are presented in the various Project Competitions at various levels. Our Institution is closely working with core industries to enable students to get career opportunities.


Our primary goal of is to promote a strong culture of research and innovation among students and faculty through creation of a platform for sharing and implementing innovative ideas and to facilitate exchange of information and interaction among various research institutes and industries to develop skilled manpower in Engineering & Technology.


Building an inclusive environment for the promotion of research and development activities.

The staff and students are encouraged to develop innovative projects, prepare the research proposals and apply for funding agencies.

Rsearch Activities

Rsearch Policy

Rapid augmentation in technology has a brunt on economic and societal development. Innovation is buoyant at the Institution level. Research and developmental activities creates the new knowledge in teaching-learning process among faculty members, researchers and students. Research builds state-of-the-art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that carves up the mission objectives.


The purpose of the Research Policy is to create anenabling environment for research among faculty members, researchers and students in the Institution.

  • To serve as an overall coordinator for Institutional Research Activities.

  • To ensure efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty members, researchers and students.

  • To foster an atmosphere for undertaking socially useful research with potential for commercialization.

  • To persuade interdisciplinary collaborations at National and International level

Activities of R&D Cell

  • To Promote Research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary, Research Papers Publication/Presentation in referred journals.

  • To establish links with different industries, R&D organizations, which provide funding for research activities.

  • To collaborate with institutions of higher learning in India for Joint research projects.

  • To work towards the establishment of the Institution as R&D centre.

  • To develop modules for staff development and to support to do Ph.D.

  • Conduct of skill development programme for the benefit of staff members to acquire knowledge for quality paper presentation

  • Encouraging the faculty members to submit proposals on thirst area to various funding agencies like AICTE, DST, CSIR, ISRO etc. and the quality and content pertaining to the focus area are verified and recommendations are given before the submission of the proposals to various agencies.

  • Providing data regarding Research, Consultancy and Extension to, NAAC, NIRF.

  • Advising the eligible departments to apply for Research Center under Anna University (Chemistry is already Research departments).

  • Advising the faculty members to publish their research work only in web of science/Scopus indexed journals, since they are having 45% credit in NIRF ranking

  • Organizing various R&D related seminars / workshops to faculty members in general / domain specific for their respective departments

  • Journal Review Committee is constituted to review the originality and quality of the publications made by the faculty and incentives are given to the faculty members. The frequency of the review committeeassessment is once in six months.

  • Publication by the faculty members are privileged in the college common functions

  • Recommendations are made to the management to sanction the financial assistance for the faculty members who are presenting papers in the international conferences in India / Abroad.

  • Review of Progress of the PhD Research Scholars

Activities of R&D Cell

  • National Digital Library (NDL)

  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

  • Information and Communications Technology Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT)

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

  • Institution of Engineers (IEI)

  • Developing Library Network (DELNET)


Literature Survey Journal submission Implementation using Software On line Course

Recruitment and Promotion

  • Institution shall recruit faculty members who have demonstrable/ demonstrated in their field of research.

  • Faculty promotion may significantly depend on research undertaken.

  • The quality of research output may be assessed on the yardsticks such as Impact Factor (IF), Funding agencies, Nature of fund, Social impact etc., and will be revised from time-to-time as appropriate.

Research Management

  • Overall management of research activities may be coordinated by Director Research, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College under direct supervision of the Principal.

  • Research advisory body and administrative committee shall be responsible for overall functioning of research activities within the Institution.

  • The consultancy work will be carried out under the Head (Principal) of Mohamed Sathak Engineering College.

  • Faculty members should motivate/ involve students towards research and consultancy.

  • The revenue generated will be deposited in the institution account. This is done to avoid misuse of funds.

  • The Institution will provide the remuneration.

Rsearch Topics

  • Designing of / Nano Crystalline material for targeted Chemotherapy

  • DNA & protein binding studies of anticancer agents using various analytical techniques

  • Synthesis and characterization of Nano Material for Electronic and Biomedical Applications

  • Synthesis of colorimetric receptors to detect anions and cations and their real sample analysis.

  • Removal of Heavy Metals / Dye from Waste Water

  • Modeling, Simulation & Implementation of Silicon- Nano wire MOS-FET ( Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors)

  • High Temperature

  • High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage

  • Synthesis & Performance of Alternative Biofuels

  • Power Quality improvement by FACTS(Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System) devices

  • Modeling and Analysis of MPPT(Maximum Power Point Controller) Controller for Renewable Energy Applications

  • Green Cloud Computing

  • Discovery of a “Holy Grali” with the Invention of Universal Computer Memory

  • Corrosion Resistant of Bipolar Plates in proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells using Potentiodynamic Polarization

  • Installation of Fuel Valve Injection Testing Equipment

List of Supervisors

Teachers recognized as Research Guides at present

Faculty Name Department University Year of Recognition
Dr.J.Abbas Mohaideen Chemical Engg Sathyabama University 2003
Dr.J.Abbas Mohaideen Chemical Engg Anna University 2011
Dr.J.Dhaveethu Raja Chemistry Manonmaniyam Sundaranar University 2010
Dr.J.Dhaveethu Raja Chemistry Bharathiyar University 2012
Dr.J.Dhaveethu Raja Chemistry Anna University 2013
Dr.J.Rajesh Chemistry Anna University 2012
Dr.D.Alagia Meenal Civil Engg Anna University 2012
Dr.P.Sathees Kumar Civil Engg Anna University 2017
Dr.I.Sheik Arafath Electronics Communication Engg Anna University 2018
Dr. M. Vadivel Chemistry Anna University 2019

Details of Ph. D

Sl. No Title Completed Pursuing
1 No of Faculties 24 39
2 No of Research Scholars 3 -

Funded Research Project

Faculty Name Agency Amount Year
Dr. J. Rajesh DST-SERB 4,00,000 2016-17
Dr. J. Dhaveethu raja DST-SERB 25,75,000 2012-16

Funded Research Project

Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 37 24 08 10 25 28

Number of research papers per teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years

Number of papers in National/ International conference-proceedings per teacher during last five years

International Conference / National Conference

Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 15 05 10 05 05 01

Number of linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, On-the- job training, research etc during the last five years

Field Trip

Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 18 15 34 32 11 15

In Plant Training

Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 64 16 36 13 24 49

Research & Projects

Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 21 11 13 12 08 15

Number of functional MoUs with institutions of national, international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years


Year 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Nos. 03 02 02 - 01 10