Research & Development

An Overview


Research and Development Cell is an integral part of an Academic Institution. R&D cell is primarily responsible for facilitating and channelizing Academic, Sponsored, and Collaborative Research Projects and Consultancy Activitiesof the Institution. R&D Cell of Mohamed Sathak Engineering College aspires to transform the lives of young budding engineers by igniting innovative ideas and mentoring them to contribute for research at academic level which helps them to presenting their work in Conferences and/or publishing papers in reputed journals. Students’ Innovative Projects are presented in the various Project Competitions at various levels. Our Institution is closely working with core industries to enable students to get career opportunities.


Our primary goal of is to promote a strong culture of research and innovation among students and faculty through creation of a platform for sharing and implementing innovative ideas and to facilitate exchange of information and interaction among various research institutes and industries to develop skilled manpower in Engineering & Technology.


Building an inclusive environment for the promotion of research and development activities.

The staff and students are encouraged to develop innovative projects, prepare the research proposals and apply for funding agencies.